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>Pre-sales service commitment
·Every detail of product selection, to help customers design of air compressor configuration, ensure the performance of the product meets customer requirements..

>After sale service commitment
Company solemn promise:

·The host machine is guaranteed for five years, one year warranty, life-long maintenance;
·After sale service within 1 hours to respond, personnel within 24 hours to the scene, and spare parts, spare parts at the same place. Emergency call     service within 1 hours to respond within 12 hours in place;

>After sale service implementation
Company customer service service network in strict accordance with customer service service commitment to service, fully embodies the "fast, efficient  service".

·Send professionals to the customer on-site service, such as guiding equipment installation, debugging and technical services;
·To visit them one by one, to visit or send "project quality information feedback sheet" in the form of collection and processing quality feedback information;
·Responsible for establishing the after sale service of archives. Collecting, handling customer service demand information, to achieve customer satisfaction  as the standard.


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